Travel and life between Freudenstadt Frankfurt and Bangkok
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Travel and life between Freudenstadt Frankfurt and Bangkok

This is the short description of my life. These cities are my focal points:

Freudenstadt in the Black Forest means Nature and silence. But even Germany's best culinary highlights are only "around the corner". See my Enjoyable walk on.

Frankfurt is more than the banking metropolis. The surrounding local recreation areas such as Taunus or Rheingau are the contrast to the city skyline.

BangkokThat's where I'm from. The city that never sleeps and whose streets are notoriously congested. Nevertheless, I always discover something new and interesting. Of course I am always happy to see my family in Thailand again.

Traveling and living between Freudenstadt Frankfurt and Bangkok guarantees me a welcome change at any time as well as the necessary retreats.

In addition, travel I a lot and visit my friends all over the world. Here I would like to see my most beautiful Impressions share with you and maybe even inspire a little. 

I'll keep my travel reports here - no matter if with Mountain bike in the Black Forest (my first reports about the Murg valley cycle path or more beautifully named also as "Tour de Murg" Part 1 and Part 2 are already online), by car at the Tegernsee, by train at the North Sea or by plane in Thailand. Also the reports about the most beautiful places in the world (yes, I know this is subjective) and my experiences with overnight stays abroad - about airbnb as well as in hotels of different categories - I will here publish. As I said before: Travel and life between Freudenstadt Frankfurt and Bangkok - that's my motto.

Travel and life between Freudenstadt Frankfurt and Bangkok
Travel to friends

What is important to me

Traveling means getting to know different cultures, other languages and many people. Openness and respect are my top priorities. Often these encounters also lead to friendships.

Traveling to friends, traveling with friends, that is life. I will report here about current, but also about one or the other past journey or encounter.

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