Sirmione and Bardolino

By bike from Vallegio

Are you wondering why I am combining two tours in one article? The answer is simple: Both the route from Vallegio sul Mincio to Sirmione as well as the red one to Bardolino both lead along the beautiful cycle path along the river Mincio to Peschiera del Garda.

Only then do the routes separate - to the left, to Sirmione and to the right, to Bardolino.

So I start the round to Sirmione:

The already mentioned cycle path along the river Mincio is very flat until Peschiera del Garda. The landscapes that one passes are dreamlike. Also the first arrival in Peschiera del Garda was breathtaking. Although I have been there several times, I had never seen the city from this wonderful perspective.

The further way to Sirmione was without bigger highlights, as one cannot drive directly along the lake.
Arriving before Sirmione we were then encouraged in our choice of transport. A journey by car is definitely no fun there at normal times of the day, as it feels like it takes one hour to get to the parking lot in front of the old town and another one for the same way back. The oldtown itself may only be used as a hotel guest.

In Sirmione

The oldtown itself is adorned with flowers, many small alleyways, countless pubs, fantastic views but also a lot of people. My opinion: it is definitely worth to be seen, but I would rather not imagine a longer stay there. We had a good lunch right at the lake. We had a nice Lugana (Here at Wine Trade-Italy * to find). Afterwards we made our way back.

The second tour to Bardolino uses the same cycle path to Peschiera, so I won't describe it further here.

In this direction, the path largely runs alongside the lake, what partly seems to be almost romantic, kitschy, but in the proximity of the campingsites it regularly brings one back to reality quickly when tourists lie in the middle of the bike path for sunbathing.

In Bardolino

Bardolino, like the wine of the same name of the region, also offers a lot of culinary delights. Arrived in Bardolino we had a nice lunch. Because of the temperatures we didn't drink a red Bardolino but a Chiaretto rose. (You can find the wines of Bardolino here at Wine Trade-Italy*). Afterwards a stroll through the city before we took the ferry back to Peschiera. From there we could see the whole thing again from the perspective of the lake.

On the way back from Peschiera to Vallegio sul Mincio then there are the one or the other entertaining rest possibilities, be it with my friend with the mobile cocktail tricycle or in the beer garden before Vallegio.


Very beautiful Cycle routes all the more reason for the region Lake Garda to see with different eyes again.

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