Beauty, power and violence of nature help me with harmony of body, mind and soul.

The beauty, but also the power and violence of Nature make me humble and show me how small and insignificant I am. Nature is important for me to relax but also to put things into perspective. Nature and mindfulness are inseparable for me. Nature helps me to bring body, mind and soul in harmony. I try to live consciously to be able to appreciate the little things in life. Of course nature also plays a role in my Travels always an important role.

The beautiful nature of Thailand, where I grew up, will be a topic I will report on. From the almost unreal colors of the sea in the south of Thailand with an incredible flora and fauna to the fertile regions in the north of Thailand with the "King's Project" near Chiang Mai to give just a little taste. This country has a lot to offer. It makes me proud to present this.

The contrast to this is the life in Freudenstadt in Black Forest . A lot of nature but very different. Sure - here it is a bit colder than in Thailand. I like the snow in winter. Also here I am inspired by the varied nature every day.

Meanwhile I have some Contributions in which I show the nature, but also the pleasure:

Hikes from the Schwarzwaldhochstraße e.g. to the All Saints Waterfalls or by Forests with spectacular views to the Renchtalhütte.

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