Mount Baldo

Cycle tour from Monte Baldo to Torbole

The Monte Baldo with its slightly more than 2200 meters of altitude offers a fantastic view over the Lake Garda. With the Funivia Malcesine-Monte Baldo cable car you will experience the changing panorama in all its splendour during the ascent.

Afterwards at the top station Tratto Spino you are at 1780 m altitude. This is also immediately noticeable in the different temperatures due to the altitude. Due to the altitude difference it is often 15 degrees cooler than in the valley.

If you want to take your mountain bike with you, it is best to book it online here a few days in advance. This will avoid waiting times and ensure that you can ride uphill at the desired time.

From the homepage of the railway I also chose the desired tour by mountain bike. The only "easy" tour into the valley is the "mtb-red-tour" to Torbole. The length is indicated as 35 km with 375 meters ascent and 1958 meters descent.

Beautiful landscape, technically not as easy as described and in my opinion not really suitable for children due to some kilometers on public, partly narrow but especially motorbike driven roads.

That was my tour

At the first attempt the worm was promptly in it: I have now learned that on longer tours not only a spare tube is necessary, but also tools for changing the wheel and not to forget an air pump. I hadn't considered the latter important, assuming that this route was very busy after all.

The track is quite busy, but especially in the morning. A little later and if you take your time for one or the other nice picture, it looks completely different. Therefore I pushed about 5 kilometers after a "flat tire". After this experience I not only bought bad weather clothing but also complete emergency tools at my favourite shop Luckybike* ordered.

Bottom line:

A day with an overwhelming view with 50 Euro costs for the ascent for two with 2 mountain bikes, mediocre fillers at Refugio Graziani for another 30 Euro, 50 Euro taxi costs from Hotel San Giacomo back to Malcesine and there another 20 Euro parking fee at the valley station of the cable car. Not a very cheap pleasure. (The repair of the broken tire in Vallegio with 4,50 Euro the next day was a bargain).

How it is to us at the location Vallegio sul Mincio what other bike tours we have done, more about the Lake Garda or to Veronayou can read under the respective link. 

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