From the perfect steak to the successful roast

No matter whether beef, pork, lamb, game or poultry, before the right preparation is first the right purchase. Hand on your heart: In times, in which for a beautiful, functional kitchen quickly several 10.000.-Euro are spent, in which for a grill fast not only several 100.-Euro but often also more is spent, it is not with the meat about saving 5 Euro...!


In addition to the pure meat quality, it is much more about a traceable origin, information about the animal husbandry conditions up to information about the animal feed. Sometimes it is difficult to get this information from your trusted butcher. But fortunately something is changing here. Openness and transparency are worth something again.

There is one specific question I would like to address in my next tests with friends: Can you taste a difference between professionally shock-frozen meat, which is then slowly defrosted again, and the processing of directly fresh meat.

There are many different opinions about this on the net. So far I always thought that frozen and defrosted meat tastes a little less intense...but let's see - I will report, because for the perfect steak everybody has to be right.

Für den Einkauf nutze ich gerne die regionalen Metzger. Es gibt aber auch die Situation, wenn Freunde zum Essen eingeladen sind und ich etwas ganz besonderes anbieten möchte. Ob Original Wagyu-Rind aus Japan oder Label Rouge Geflügel aus Frankreich, zwei Online Anbieter sind mir hier sehr positiv aufgefallen: Zum einen Don Carne* and secondly Albersfood*. Both are well sorted and inform very extensive, which I appreciate. Please let me know which provider you like better.


Of course, the type of meat often determines the optimum method of preparation. Whether grilling, frying or cooking for a long time, it is always important to get the right amount of time. Apart from long cooking, the desired degree of cooking plays a decisive role in the question of whether you make your guests happy with the meat when roasting and grilling.

I like to use here especially for larger pieces of meat the Meater*. This helps me make the perfect steak. In the past I had here inside temperature sensors with cable connection, which always gave up their spirit after a short time. The Meater* I've been using for about six months now. The data transfer via Bluetooth to mobile phone or tablet works perfectly. So far my guests have been satisfied with the result.

Das Ganze muss natürlich sowohl vorher als auch nachher mit einem guten Messer geschnitten werden. Meinen Favoriten (Made in Germany) zeige ich Dir here*.

I will be here shortly to talk about my Purchases report. Also corresponding Recipes or suitable Wine recommendations of course, should not be neglected.

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