Fish and seafood

This is sometimes my absolute favourite food. Whether in oyster or fish sauce. Sweet and sour or simply grilled, I love fish and seafood. 

However, before the question of preparation is raised, the question of optimal purchasing arises. Here in Freudenstadt there are Black Forest Center now has a well-stocked Rewe supermarket with a fresh fish counter. The normal fish like salmon, trout, dorado etc. are actually always fresh here.

But if you want something special like a big, whole fish or pulpo arms, lobsters, oysters and more, it gets a little more difficult.

As an alternative, I have now extended the delivery service of GermanSea* tasted. The goods are delivered cooled to your home at the desired time. From a minimum order value, no additional shipping costs are incurred.

Also some prepared, tasty Grilled dishes* are available there.


In the following video you can see my preparation of sea bream on the grill

With fish, too, in addition to the perfect filling, the internal temperature plays a decisive role. In the past I had various internal temperature sensors with a wire to the outside transmitter station, which then sent the data to a display. These were regularly after a short time no longer usable because of false displays.

That's why I've got myself a little more "high tech" now. The Meater (MEATER+ | New: The wireless, smart meat thermometer with 50m range | For oven, grill, pan and rotisserie | Perfect meat enjoyment via App*) works with Bluetooth and works perfectly so far.

With the dorado, it was a perfect fit in any case: Not too dry, but not too raw either. I continue to report on my experiences with the meat. Of course I also report elsewhere about the pairing Wines.

Fish and seafood

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