Enjoyment with all senses with regional specialities - is there anything more beautiful?

I likes to cook for himself, but also loves to eat well. As a hobby gourmet I also like to take pictures of beautifully prepared food.

(You can find examples on my Instagram account). Especially important to me are always the regional specialities and the people behind them. On my Travels I regularly discover great new dishes and recipes. Much of what I have already cooked, you can also find on my YouTube channel (which by the way is also a good way to improve my German).

Besides the Thai cooking I also like to eat very much Mediterranean. At the moment I am discovering the Swabian cooking and I will report on it.

The sources of supply are another point I will point out in addition to the preparation possibilities. Here I often have access to wholesale conditions, which I am happy to pass on.

You will find further details on my pages: Fish and seafood and Meat.

Here I will recommend restaurants that I like as well as present my favourite recipes. 

Pleasure with all senses

Of course, the matching drinks should not be missing in the theme "Enjoyment with all senses with regional specialities". You can find a first step on my page about Wine and other noble drinks.

But not only alcoholic beverages are in the Foccus. I will describe different kinds of tea or coffee up to different kinds of water. Be curious.

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