Black Forest Activities

Pleasure and mountain biking are not mutually exclusive

The perfect Black Forest activity: In my section bicycle culinary we continue today. With 50,5 km and 750 altitude meters without E-Bike*with the mountain bike* the round is quite demanding. As a reward, you can experience the full beauty of the Black Forest.

The tour goes from Freudenstadt past the Mountain hut Lauterbad over the Lauferbrunnen, continuously up the Salt-Licky Way to the Kniebis. There a short rest with a drink at the Retro-Avia filling station. We continue to the first highlight, the viewing platform Ellbach lake view. After enjoying the view, the tour continues through the forest and then a bit along the Black Forest High Road from the Alexanderschanze to about the area Zuflucht. This is followed by a rapid descent along the asphalt path through the forest to the Buhlbach valley. There we are in the beautiful Trout farm Buhlbach (see below).

After a stop for refreshments, the route follows a cycle path with 2 short but steep climbs, past Obertal and Mitteltal, to Baiersbronn. If you want to save yourself the last ascent back to Freudenstadt, you can get from Baiersbronn by tram (e.g. the Ticket for Baden-Württemberg*) drive to Freudenstadt.

The alternative has its charm in terms of landscape. Through the valley of the hammers it goes on a perfect cycle path to Christophstal and then back, up to Freudenstadt.

Refreshment - enjoyment and mountain biking

From my husband's colleagues we had a voucher for the Trout farm Buhlbach got. We wanted to use it for a rest during our bike tour. The trout farm of the Bareiss family belongs to the Hotel Bareiss. The hotel is one of the culinary standards in Germany with its michelin-star restaurants. So we were all the more excited about the trout farm.

After a short waiting period we got a table on the terrace. The whole building is very well maintained and built in the traditional Black Forest style. The view from the terrace goes into the beautiful Buhlbachtal.

For food - after a smoked trout fillet with horseradish mousse as a starter - we decided on a trout "Müllerin" with creamed spinach and parsley potatoes and a char fried on its skin with creamed savoy cabbage and also parsley potatoes. In addition there was a bottle Pinot gris from the Alde Gott winery. Everything was very good, but unfortunately I had to ask twice for refills with the wine, because the bottle was not at the table.

To round off the meal (in the truest sense of the word), there was a piece of Black Forest Cherry Cake. As a digestif we had wild cherry for my husband and a raspberry liqueur for me before we went on. The movement was now after this very good food also necessary.


Our late lunch at Forellenhof Buhlbach

Food quality
Selection of beverages

This tour is certainly one of the perfect Black Forest activities. In good weather and with a perfect stop at this "Wanderhütte deluxe", you can definitely spend a day.

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