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I have a Blog to "live with style - lifestyle travel enjoyment and nature" with the many small and big stories of the day. Whether it's an excursion, a walk, a hike or a cooking recipe with video instructions - let yourself be surprised

Lifestyles are individual and that is a good thing. After all, anything else would be unattractive after only a short time. 
Whether stylish and how stylish that life after "Corona"...we don't know where it goes from here, but we're all working hard...
On this page I introduce my lifestyle without trying to convince you.

Of course I also write where and how I like to travelwhere I'm staying and how I booked. Pictures are the salt in the soup. Of course, this also includes honestly describing what I liked and what I disliked.

Enjoyment is important to me. Here I will present some of my favourite recipes as well as some of my favourite restaurants (and rate them to give you a feeling about whether you feel comfortable here). 

All this has of course with Nature to do:
We move in the Nature.
We consume natural products (ok, sometimes more and sometimes less...)
And of course we enjoy the Nature at Excursions or travel or just Walks. Whether fast (sporty) on the road or slow (enjoying) on the road. Rhythm, preferences and speed are also individual.

live with style - lifestyle travel enjoyment - see what i mean by that

Fettuccine ai funghi

Locanda Belvedere

Cycle tour of Vallegio sul Mincio - Culinary delights of the bike I also became aware of this gem - Locanda Belvedere - through my travel guide "Osteria d'Italia "*. For

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Mount Baldo

Mount Baldo

Cycle tour from Monte Baldo to Torbole The Monte Baldo with its slightly more than 2200 meters of altitude offers a fantastic view over Lake Garda. With the

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Vallegio sul Mincio

Vallegio sul Mincio

From Peschiera del Garda the turquoise river Mincio flows through a lovely hilly landscape until it reaches Mantua. Vallegio sul Mincio is located in the middle of the river.

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Lake Garda shore

Lake Garda

Before I give out tips myself, I first get some myself. As always when I travel to Italy, I have the book

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Meat counter


In addition to the quality of the meat, it is much more a question of traceable origin, information about the conditions under which the animals are kept and information about the animal feed. Sometimes it is difficult to get this information from your trusted butcher. But fortunately something is changing here. Openness and transparency are worth something again.

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Mountain bike tour in the Black Forest

Black Forest Activities

Mountain biking and pleasure are not mutually exclusive. In my section bicycle culinary we continue today. With 50.5 km and 750 meters of altitude difference without e-bike, with the mountain bike the round is quite demanding. As a reward you can experience the whole beauty of the Black Forest.

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I try to inspire something with this site and of course I am happy about every feedback and constructive criticism. You are welcome to send me this on my Contact page to you.

Live with style - lifestyle, travel, pleasure and nature as you like it!



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