Tour de Murg (part 2)

Rock tunnel on the Murgtal cycle path
Rock tunnel on the Murgtal cycle path

Weiter geht’s auf unserer Genussradtour im Murgtal. Auf dem zweiten Teilstück des Murgtalradwegs geht es von Schwarzenberg über Schönmünzach, Forbach, Langenbrand, Hilpertsau, Obertsrot bis Gernsbach. Die Karte aus Google Maps findet Ihr unten. Dieser Abschnitt ist 26 km lang. In Gernsbach – an unserem Etappenziel –  lohnt es sich nochmals einen Anstieg in Kauf zu nehmen und die Aussicht von Eberstein Castle to enjoy. The tour is scenically as I find the most beautiful part of the cycle path, thus totally impressive and also suitable for children. 

Almost made it in Gernsbach and the finish line already in sight. Now hopefully we are heading for the pleasure...

But first, up a mountain...

Finally - Eberstein Castle
Although we arrived well after noon, we had to wait - not only because of the corona - until we were assigned a place. Instead we sat directly at the castle wall with an impressive view into the Murg valley.
Before we were allowed to sit down, not only the table but also the laminated menus were completely disinfected...
After the ascent first a water for me or a beer for my husband. Then we ordered a bottle of wine directly from the vineyard we are looking at.

We then decided to have one ox cheeks (I love long boiled ones...) and one roast beef with onions. 

Yeah, I know, red wine would have been nice. But we were totally comfortable with this station wagon today...

Therefore our conclusion for Castle tavern at the Hotel Schloss Eberstein:

- We'll be back, but next time we'll be eating at Werner's restaurant
- Location: 5 stars
- Food quality: 4 stars
- choice of drinks: 4 stars
- Service: 4 stars

A nice restaurant, which me can recommend without restriction. Even under the restrictions according to Corona...still worth it! We'll be back...

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All Saints Waterfalls and Strawberries

Path at the All Saints Waterfall
Refuge Schwarzwaldhochstraße with view to France
at the lookout point refuge

Today we have a trip to the Black Forest High Roadto the All Saints Waterfalls and afterwards still to buy freshly harvested strawberries after bathing. The first stop was the lookout point Refuge, from where today a view as far as the Vosges in France was possible.
What else is recommended and what I rather advise against you reading here...

So on we went to the Monastery ruin All Saints' Day. Already in the parking lot we got a premonition of what was going to happen here...

Unfortunately it was then as feared. Both the monastery ruins and the waterfalls were unfortunately totally overflowing. Distance because of Corona - unfortunately no result. With the video I tried to cut out the many people. Nevertheless I would like to recommend to come here rather at edge times and not on holidays or vacation times. 

The other part was the relaxed opposite. Shortly before Oberkirch we stopped to buy freshly harvested strawberries directly from the field. They already have the right sweetness, so only the smaller part arrived at home. Also the cherries are already ripe and were tasted.

Cherry tree near Oberkirch
Ripe cherries near Oberkirch

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Pleasure walk in Freudenstadt

Lalita stands in front of a flowering meadow Lauterbad with lunch at the hotel "Grüner Wald"

We wanted to go out for a meal with four of us again and not expose ourselves to the stress of all the traffic jams on the motorways after the Corona loosening. So we decided to go from our home town Freudenstadt to the suburb of Lauterbad and there to the hotel "Green Forest" to take a walk. Depending on where you start from in Freudenstadt, this is 2-3 km of easy walking.

For the way there we have chosen the sunny path through the Nature  along the Freudenstadt Golf Club. 

For the way back we went through Lauterbad up the mountain through the forest to the old Hotel Zollernblick, or new Hotel Fritz and then walked through the shady forest back to Freudenstadt.

Restaurant in the hotel "Grüner Wald"

What did we eat and how did we like it?

As my parents-in-law are still worried about the corona virus, we had reserved a table on the terrace. Since the weather was not exclusively sunny, there was a table set for us both inside and on the terrace, so we could choose. We chose the terrace and the weather was fine.

For the starter we have chosen a flatland soup, a wild garlic soup and a salad from the buffet. For the main course we served asparagus, 3 times with Wiener Schnitzel and for me with plaice fillet.

At first we were positively surprised by a perfectly seasoned "Amuse Geul".

It took some getting used to always going inside with a mask on and not being able to choose from the salad buffet, but being served. 

After we had ordered all the asparagus and all of them were not "Riesling friends", we decided on a Pinot Gris from Sasbachwalden from 2019 from the "Alde Gott". It tasted perfect with our asparagus.

The rest is quickly told: The pictures speak for themselves. It tasted great and we threaten to return?

Our conclusion:

Restaurant in the hotel "Grüner Wald"

- Any time again.
- Location: 5 stars
- Food quality: 5 stars
- choice of drinks: 4 stars
- Service: 5 stars

A beautiful family business, the me can recommend without restriction. Even under the restrictions according to Corona...still worth it! We'll be back...

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Tour de Murg (part 1)

This bike tour for connoisseurs in the Murg valley is one of my favourite tours. The Murg valley cycle path is a very scenic and very well signposted cycle tour from Freudenstadt to Rastatt. Most of the tour is on paved cycle paths and only the smallest part on public roads, which is why the tour can be done very well with children.

With a total length of 65 km the tour can be done in one or more days. This is not difficult, as there are several culinary highlights along the route.

We have completed our first section and from Freudenstadt down to Christophstal, through the valley of the hammers, through Baiersbronn über Klosterreichenbach bis Schwarzenberg eingeteilt. Die Koordinaten aus Google Maps findet Ihr unten.

We were very happy that the Corona restrictions were relaxed a little bit and therefore the restaurants were allowed to open again - with the known conditions. So up on the bike to a nice day.

You can see the video summary of this section here:


Originally we had as our daily goal the Panorama hut above Schwarzenberg. But the sign in Schwarzenberg that there is only food and drinks "To go" at the hut kept us away.

Instead, we decided to go to the restaurant in the Hotel Sackmann and were not disappointed: With Maultaschen soup, entrecôte and a good glass of wine we finished the tour before we took the city train back to Freudenstadt.

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